Welcome to the world of amorloda.

p. amorloda is a world of primal magic and emerging empires, where some worlds are built on the bones of great civilizations lost to the eons amorloda is just entering it first great age of civilization. the world is one of extremes, the after great trials and tribulations the continent of arlose has beaten back the savage were woods a fecund magical forest that once blanketed the hole world spawning great predators and savage civilizations who drew power through blood rites dedicating themselves to the ever-changing wilderness, and has settled into a complex series of alliances, held together by the nations dependance on the sorcerer stones great artifacts that enable the mortal races to master the use of magic.
p. while nations engage in there intrigues centered on the neutral city state of nexus ancient and malevolent powers plot and grow from the edges. and far off the great continent of tharature writhes under the power of the were wood with its were witches ever hungry to take back a domain the believe is rightfully theres.

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