cosmology and the gods

Some believe that beyond this real exist another not one of crude matter but one of pure where the blueprint of every object creature thought concept invention and belief reside. It is said we brush apron this infinite plane of abstract potential when we dream bringing innovations inspiration and new beliefs back from each our contact with whatever makes up the boundary of this realm.
for centuries philosophical luminaries bandied about this theory but there was no way to prove it right or wrong. That was until a singular even a cured, the Ascension. No one knows what exactly prompted the even but without warning 7 individuals from across the races were enveloped in blinding radiance never to be heard from again. On that day 4 dwarves 2 humans and one elf all influential thinkers just disappeared leaving nothing but what philosophical musing they may have left behind. Each had distinct philosophy’s but each held true the existence of this place of ideal thought each exploring the concept in there own way.
and thus the seven gods of this world were born. Over time people who venerated these people’s lives and teachings started to receive vague visions from these visions the first rights of resonance were discovered. With dedication to an ascendant so ideals and mystic rituals possessed by organizations and cults formed around those who studied the ascended lives and philosophies one can a tune themselves with this plane of pure potential and work wonders on this world that rival those possessed by there arcane brethren. Though those with the will and mindset to grasp the teachings and insure the rituals are quite rare there presence is felt throughout the civilized world.

the ascended and the 7 sisters
the planes of xx and the physical world it turns out are perfectly balanced and when the 7 ascended 7 comets were seen darting though the sky. For centuries it was thought that these wandering bodies were the ascended themselves with there 23 year journey bringing luck when they passed by our mortal sphere. This belief as shattered when one of the comets broke free from its siblings drawn by our world physical and magical mass and crashed into the continent of Nul the impact itself along with the black oily liquid that rained down apron the lands of Nul devastated the center of the continent turning it into a barren waist. But that was the least of the lands worries as from the crater stepped not a benevolent ascended pro[het but a great and tyrannical black dragon
the kingdom he ruled and his eventual fall are both to long and to unreliable chronicled to fit into this treaties. But what is important is we now know what fate the comets hold for us should another be drawn into our sphere. Since the first comet crashed into the world the other comets orbits have grown erratic with them being more spread out in there passing. Though there orbits seems stable these days every time there passing accrues those who know of there dark cargo hold there breath fearing what horror could be unleashed upon the world should one stray to close yet again.

the seven ascendant sand there teaching

Ideal concepts as building blocks for reality

We are bound beings who should transcend our physical form for one of ideal thought

The world falls into cycles dictated by symbolism and concepts pulled from realm xx on the worlds creation understanding this allows one to predict and understand physical phenomenal

Scentiant beings tend to fall into forms of behavior dictated by narrative concepts found in realm xx only through understanding this can we stand a chance of not repeating the same mistakes again and again

By understanding the stories of the past one can slip into true archetypes and reap the rewards of there manipulation provided they do not become trapped in the story they are weaving one specialized in the heroic narrative the other the villainous narrative

Find out the truth in your own way. Others people truths are relevant only to them. Everything exists in the plane of potential what holds sway in this world are the ones we give power.

cosmology and the gods

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