seven things that distinguish the setting

the sources control and understanding of magic defines the civilized world

nearly all great powers were once mortal or created by mortal hands

the wilderness is sentient and predatory

sinister beings offer power to the unwary

this is the first great age of civilization, wether it falls or goes on to truly make its mark is up to the heroes

modern feudal states, lords ladies, serfs and peasants with modern utilities

lost in the cracks stretches of untamed wilderness exist inside and on the edges of the civilized nations due to populaces congregating in major cities and a good amount of overland travel done by magical means

legacy of powers ascendant, before the modern nations formed demi god like powers built there own petty nations and there wars and experiments still scar the world today, be it forgotten labs with yet to be released super weapons to the created creatures they left behind that still haunt the forgotten corners of the world

seven things that distinguish the setting

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