sources of magic

the source of magic

magic defines the world or xxxxx from the ever-changing canopy of the were woods to the elemental properties found in certain rare mineral formation the world of xxxx is suffused in magic. though many beasts and phenomena in the world bend reality and are undoubtfuly supernatural one thing is know, the mortal races have no innate connection with the reality warping properties that forged the world. cut off from this natural connection the mortal races have had to harness magic through various conduits or sources, be it binding ones soul through ritual and devotion to one of the worlds distant gods, the sacrifice and blood rights tying oneself to the ever changing were wood, the primal forest of creation, getting invested with power from a being greater then yourself such as the sorcerer god kings of the elves, to learning the complex interplay of rune scribing/chanting that allows for the use of magic by drawing on the sorcerer stones, great relics that have allowed humanity to dominate the current age with its capricious use of magic.
no discussion of magic can be had without also discussing the sorcerer and their integral role in forging the way the common man interacts with magic today. sorcery is a rare gift being a direct tie to magic a sorcerer is in-fact as the name implies a direct source of magical energy. in the days before the sorcerstones and the rulers of the elves the mortal races actively used magic in two ways esoteric rituals dedicating oneself to the divine powers and the rare sorcerer, sorcery was allot more uncontrolled in the early days and sorcerers wielded god like powers with the most notable of these archaist twisting the forms of others into distinct servitor races imbuing items with permanent enchantments and creating marvels that are unrivaled even by the most mystically learned individual today. though sorcerers still manifest from time to time and are the only individuals able to craft magic that can outlast there own life time they hold no comparison the the sorcerers of the past of those still lingering in this world from those far flung days. some theorize this is do to the influence of the so called sorcerer stone artifacts that though drawing sympathetic runes allows one to manipulate magic in a similar way as sorcery
at its core all the worlds magic comes from one of 3 sources, the were wood. devine resonance and spontaneous manifestation or magical ability aka sorcery a major concept is sympathetic resonance the ability to ty ones soul to one of these sources and manipulate the power to ones own end

the sorcerer stones and sympathetic rune magic

runes of imbuing

druids and the were wood were witches

the elven god kids and there imbued agents

sorcerer kings

sources of magic

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